Dr. Sarah Olson

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Pituitary Tumours

It is important we spend time working out which pituitary lesions require surgery and which don’t. Up to 20% of the people will have an abnormality in their pituitary and they do not all require surgery.

Dr Olson is currently the surgical advisor for the Australian pituitary foundation and currently perform a large number of pituitary operations via a key hole approach each year. Together the ENT team, endocrinology team, radiologists, pathologists and radiation oncologists all patients are discussed at the combined pituitary meeting each month. This enables them to give each individual patient what they believe is the best care for them.

Dr Olson was the cocordinator of the neurosurgery society of Australasias pituitary meeting in 2009 in Melbourne.

She is instrumental in getting pituitary tumours banked for use for researchers so we may better understand them in future and develop better treatments.



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