Dr. Sarah Olson

07 3117 2766
07 3041 0420

About Dr Sarah Olson

I am a Brisbane based specialist neurosurgeon with a focus on the diagnosis and treatment of Brain Tumours and Pituitary Tumours using minimally invasive brain surgery and endoscopic procedures.

I have a commitment and dedication to the treatment and care of patients, and have a number of personal objectives in the field of neurosurgery:

  • I am committed to the public and private health sectors and obtaining the best possible overall care for patients. I am also committed to community recovery and aiding in disaster management.
  • I am strongly committed to supporting and teaching junior medical staff and helping them achieve their career objectives.
  • I am continually learning and have areas I would like to develop that I think would be of great value to Queensland patients and our hospitals. At all times my objective is that I am rigorously and honestly audited and assessed.

More information about me can be found in the below pages.